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#1 Maths Teaching Resources » Improving Math Study Skills in Excel » 2009-08-26 22:34:49

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Hi All,

I think this is a great forum to exchange personal experiences with math. I enjoyed reading the posts here, so I decided to share some things I have discovered lately which I think would be very useful for anyone here. Specifically I'd like to recommend you a website where you can find very helpful and free math learning tools such as "Base System Conversion", "Goodness of Fit Tester" and "Test of Independence".

With all this said, I will write down all the tools and their links you will find at the website.

- Base System Conversion:

- Basics of Exponential Functions:

- Basics of Logarithmic Functions:

- Cartesian Coordinates:

- Derivatives:

- Polar Coordinates:

- Goodness of Fit Tester:

- Simple Linear Regression:

- Standart Normal Distribution

- Test of Independence:

- Basics of Trigonometric Functions

I want to emphasize that you will work with these tools in Excel. You can preview the templates before downloading and see how they work.
I think they are really very helpful in showing the basic concepts and processes about specific math topics. So I think everyone interested in math and science should take a look at them.

If you have any problems with them, you can send me a message.



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