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#1 Re: Euler Avenue » Simple groups » 2009-06-19 02:27:54

Thank you! the intersection can't be all of P because in that case the intersection of P and Q must be P, this is, P C Q and that it's a contradiction since P is a Sylow P-subgroup a maximal p-soubgroup.......?????????????

#2 Re: Euler Avenue » Simple groups » 2009-06-08 09:15:21

I have a question for JaneFairfax or anyone who want it to answer, in the #22 in the case that the order of G is 56 why the union of the the Sylow 7-subgroups has 48 non-identity elements? i mean why the intersection is only the indentity? sorry maybe that is very easy to see but im not quite familiar with this definitions..

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