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#1 Help Me ! » Re-Arraning!!!! » 2006-03-23 03:03:46

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Ok i know it might be very simple for some people out here, but i am struggling with it:

I need to re-arrange the following formula in way so i can get Ns on its own!!!!

             S = (Ns - N) / (Ns)

So as i said, i cant get Ns on its own!!!! WOuld be greatful if anyone could help!!!!

#2 Help Me ! » Integration » 2006-03-12 04:48:05

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Question: A company uses a model train to simulate the motion of a train through the tunnel. They set up a straight piece of track, with 2 stations. The acceleration, a, in m/s^2, of the train t seconds after it leaves the first station is modelled by the equation:

     a = Pi/8*cos*Pi/4*t

We need to find the velocity and displacement of the train t seconds after it starts.

And secondly how can we describe the trains motion, using a sketch????

#3 Help Me ! » Car battery » 2006-02-20 02:22:26

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Hey everyone. i have been having a problem with one question, hope u people can help me out.

Question: A 12 Volt car battery runs down to 1 volt and has to be recharged.

The formula for the voltage (volts) at any time t (hours) during charging is given by:

      v = 12 - A (2^-t)

1) How can i find the value of A

2)Find the value of voltage after 6 hours.

3) The battery never reaches a full 12 volts recharge, but reaches a maximum charge of 11.9 volts. At what time in hours and minutes does this occur????

guys seriously need help, thank you.

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