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#1 Help Me ! » want to restart math studies » 2005-02-08 16:28:50

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dear everybody,
i'm donig MCA (Master in Computer Applications). there are so many math concepts which are required in computer programming. but i did maths only in 10th standard. its been many years. also, there are many concepts which are in my current cirriculum too, like, computer based numerical methods, differential , integration etc. etc. i really want to be comfirtable in maths coz it will help me all life in my field. please suggest me how should i go about it.  thing is that, for my current curriculum, they assume i already know maths concepts of 12th standard. so, should i study maths of 12th standard now, or is there any website also which can make me learn math concepts like a book.
i'll really appreciate if i'm given help.

many thanks,

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