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#1 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Star Trek » 2009-05-05 12:55:27

Tigeree wrote:

Oh! Not fair! It comes out here on Thursday! & Why midnight?

I don't normally go to the theater.  It's expensive and usually annoying.  I have a nice home theater setup.  So, my test weather to go to a theater is if it's worth the hassle of going to the midnight showing.  Usually the first one at a given theater.

Last one I went to was the last Indiana Jones movie.

I've seen quite a few midnight showings ... The re-worked Star Wars Movies in the late '90's before the new ones came out, all the new ones, Mars Attacks, Just to name a few.

- Derrik

#2 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Star Trek » 2009-05-02 15:06:59

I have my tickets for the midnight ( 12:10 am Friday ) showing at a local digital theater.  It should be great!

- Derrik

#3 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » 0^0 equals 1 or undefined? » 2009-02-05 15:03:39

For what it's worth, both the UNIX 'bc' program, and the basic on the C-64 interpret 0^0 as 1.

#4 Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Why is it that teachers keep insisting that 1 is a prime number? » 2008-12-05 12:26:34

Replies: 12

I've not 1, but *** 2 *** of my son's teachers claim 1 is a prime number.  The first one, his second grade teacher actually argued with me about it claiming I didn't know what I was talking about - AFTER I had supplied here with numerous printouts from Ask Dr Math, Mathworld and even the first page of a math reference I have that includes the first 1000 prime numbers ( clearly showing 2 as the first one ).

What's next, teaching him that pi=3.0?  And everyone wonders what's wrong with the math and science education in this country today.


- Derrik

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