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#1 Re: Help Me ! » im really rubbish » 2006-06-18 11:14:28

thanks for that is there anyway that you could help me a litle with the tree diagram i have no idea what this is our tutor did explain it to us but i still didnt get it thanks again

#2 Re: Help Me ! » help again please !!!!! » 2006-06-18 11:07:14

sorry i am so stupid i dont under stand that please could you put it in simplair form thanks


#3 Help Me ! » last one promise » 2006-06-18 08:26:46

Replies: 2

in this question ALL of the answers should be given IN STANDARD FORM TO ONE DECIMAL PLACE.

a) 1mcubed blood is estimated to contain 5*10(this 5*10 has a little 12 near the 10) white blood cells. how many white bloody cells are there in 1litre of blood.

b) during the operation a patient loses 750cm cubed of blood. using figures you have obtained in part a above, estimate how many white blood cells are lost.

c) the heart beats on average about 72 times per minute. on each beat it pumps out about 75g of blood. how many kilograms of blood does the heart pump out each day?

thnks for helping in advance im really really really bad at maths thanks in advance.

#4 Help Me ! » help again please !!!!! » 2006-06-18 08:14:11

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please help me again, thanks its just im really stuck.

1) in each of the following calculations, give your answer in STANDARD FROM TO FOUR SIGNIFICANT FIGURES.

a)148 200*2 531 000*583.2


       515 284


thanks i know you must think in thick thanks for helping though.

2)calculate the volume of a cuboid, giving your answwer in STANDARD FORM TO FOUR DECIMAL PLACES.

THE BACK, SIDE LINE IS 0.000 002 56m
THE FRONT SIDE LINE IS 0.000 000 14m

3)the staff car park at a hospital is cirular and of area 715 square metres. how far is it across the car park TO THE NEAREST METRE.?

4)a storage container is in the shape of a hemisphere. it can contain 550 cubic metres of liquid when it is full.
how far is it across the ontainer TO ONE DECIMAL PLACE.

thanks again for this help.

#5 Help Me ! » im really rubbish » 2006-06-18 07:57:02

Replies: 3

hi, iv got a few questions tha i really cant get my head around please could someone help me. thanks in advance

Q1) A servey of 3million people in britain found that 25000 of them had a venereal disease.

a) what is the probability of a person in britain having venereal disease.?

The survey also showe that once a person has a veneral disease, there is a 1 in 12 chance thats they will die from it within ten years.

fill in these probabilities, and any others that can bededuced on a tree diagram.CAREFULLY EXPLAIN the meanings of the probabilities at the ends of the branches.

b)what is the probability of a person having a venereal disease and dying from it within the next ten years.?

tongue thanks in advance

#6 Help Me ! » please please please help i am sooooo soooo sooooo bad at maths » 2006-01-23 11:02:58

Replies: 2

hi please could somone help me im sure im maths dislecsic. please help my maths tutor has given me some questions to answer and i cant seem to get my head around it at all. it might be that im just lazy and that im not really interested in maths but you never know iv tried and tried and tried and i still get the wrong answers can someone please help me!!!
here are some of the questions

1) a bicycle wheel has a diameter of 55cm.

a) how far is it round the wheel (1 d.p)?
b)if the wheel turns 50 times, calculate how far the bicycle has travelled. TO THE NEAREST CM?

2) the accss nursing home has a circular pond in the grounds. the pond is 100 metres acreoss and is surrounded by a narrow concrete part of his recovery program, arthur wants to walk at least 1200 metres each day. how many times (TO THE NEAREST WHOLE NUMBER) should he walk around the pond to ensure that he covers this distance?

3)one method of measuring an irregular path is to use an odometer. this is a wheel attached to the handle by means of which it can be pushed along the irregular path. also attached to the whell is a device which counts the number of times the wheel is turned. one odometer has a 30cm diameter wheel and when pushed along a path through some woods turned 417 times. calculate the length of the path to the nearest metre.

Please could you help me with these i have more but i dont want to bombard you all so ill just try and get the jist of these first thanks from mandytouched

#7 Re: Help Me ! » Graphs Please help » 2005-12-17 11:12:35

lol anything specific lol all of it really lol you know when you just cant seem to get you head around something no matter how you look at it. Well this is one of them things lol . i am so rubish at maths it is unbelieveable lol sorry for being a pain.


#8 Help Me ! » Graphs Please help » 2005-12-16 11:55:28

Replies: 9

The yearly water bill for a child care centre consists of a standing charge of £18 and a rate of 40p for each unit of water used. i have to draw a graph which could be used to find the cost of water up to a maximum of 250 units. and i have to lable this water board A.

i have to use the graph to answer the following

1)   one year 200 units of water are used.what was the water bill for that year.

2) it is decided that the yearly water bill is to be reduced to a maximum of £80. what is the maximum number of units of water that should be used ?

later in the year, water board B sends some literature for their water costs. they make no standing charge, but instead make a single charge of 60p fpr each unit of water used.

so on that same sheet of graph paper i have to draw a line to show the cost of water from this water board to a mximum of 250 units.
then i have to lable this line water board B

1)at what number of water units do the two lines cross ?

2)how can this number be used to decide which water board to use ?

i have had so many goes at this graph and it is really really anoying me please can someone help me i would be very greatful.

thanks from mandy

#9 Help Me ! » please help again !!!!!! » 2005-11-25 05:33:27

Replies: 1

QUESTION 1)  a nursing home gets a grant of £200 000 to be pent as it wishes. the management decides to divide the money as follows:-

     roof repairs and other maintenance  12%

     new beds  1/4

     refit the kitchen and laundry  three tenths

the remainder is placed in a speacial high interest account in the bank.

   A)  calculate how much is spent in each of the above uses, and how much is deposited in the bank.

    B) what fraction of the money is depostied in the bank?

QUESTION 2) a hospital ward contains fifteen windows, all the same size. it receives two quotes to hve them replaced .

  QUOTE A  each windw costs £700, but one window is given free if more then 12 are ordered.

   QUOTE B  each window costs £600, but a delivery charge of  1% is made for each window.

which quote should the management accept, and how much will they save compared to the other quote.

i really am stuck iv got a few more question but they can wait im trying to do them myself but iv been trying to do these for a while. thanks to whoever helps me


#10 Re: Help Me ! » please help me !!! » 2005-11-24 23:37:24

thank you for helping me i wouldnt of known where to start thanks again.

#11 Help Me ! » algabra » 2005-11-24 12:17:15

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please help me again lol.

the surface area,A,of a certain object of length,L, is given by the expression

                           A=    88Lsquared

calculate the surface area of such an boject if it is 12.5cm long.   I HAVE DO THE ANSER SO THAT IT IS TO THE NEAREST WHOLE NUMBER.


               A=  12.5L SQUARED
                    --------------------       =     23


THANKS smile

#12 Introductions » im new » 2005-11-24 12:10:15

Replies: 4

hi, just thought i would come and say hello to you all, just to let you know i am really really rubbish at maths and you might see alot off me now that i have found this site lol.thank you to everyone that will help me and hi to you all


#13 Help Me ! » please help me !!! » 2005-11-24 12:00:25

Replies: 2

i have a couple of question for people of they are willing to help me please,

1) the equations connecting the running cost of a piece of apparatus,R,and the number of times it is used in one month,N, are

    R=(3N + 15)

    N=  8R
         -----    -   5
use these equations to calculate

   a) the value of R when N=27

   b) the value of N when R= 42

   c) the value of R when N=0

this is really getting to me please help thanks to anyone who can yikes)

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