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#1 Re: Puzzles and Games » Combinations available... for frozen yogurt?! (Vanilla & Coconut...) » 2013-08-20 10:50:30

BobbyyodaM, thank you. I think that's in the right ball park.
Now it's awesome, because if he lets you have two flavors in a small, but up to 4 in a large, let's see, that's 7^4 where the order doesn't count, is 56? so

for four flavors,
56 x 2925 = 163,800 different combinations?

and for one flavor,
7 x 2925 =20,475?

That's a lot of combinations!! I almost always go for blueberries for the health and flavor, and nuts for similar -- so my combinations are really in the hundreds. but I/m sure he'll be thrilled if I make a chart for him to display.


#2 Puzzles and Games » Combinations available... for frozen yogurt?! (Vanilla & Coconut...) » 2013-08-12 10:58:45

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Great site. I took statistics and probability at UCLA, but am still unsure of a formula for my friend -- who runs a frozen yogurt shop! There are 7 flavors, 9 fruit toppings, 12 dry toppings, and 4 wet toppings (25 toppings total). Assume you can pick *two flavors* of yogurt (any two of the 7, repeat is ok I suppose), and then pick three toppings in any combination (repeating is ok I guess), how many combinations can he offer customers?? Help with that one would be great!

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