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#1 Re: Exercises » Probability problem. » 2013-07-15 00:31:39

With all "Probability posts on this Forum, none of the responses gives examples of explaining "Probability" in simplistic terms and in a manner that will allow kids to understand  "Probability - Chance and Data"in a manner thatwills simplistic and easy to understand by kids to- how can I do this?

#2 Re: Exercises » Little question (Probability) » 2013-07-14 23:45:29

That is a fair response, quite amazed at what I looked at in previous posts, is all, the course that I am doing is for Kids in Early Primary to Mid School and Upper Primary, just looking at the Maths is Fun website, seems more simplistic

#3 Re: Exercises » Little question (Probability) » 2013-07-14 21:31:21

I have just had a bit of look at these particular posts regarding "A little question on Probability".  I was on the understanding that this forum was for Maths is Fun for Kids from Kindergarten to Year 12, just looking at these particular posts I don't se how this forum would assist me if I was to ask about "Probability - Chance and Data"  - for Kids

Thank you

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