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#1 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » By 2024 we will have the 8 billionth baby » 2013-12-03 20:04:54

I have to wait that long for a gigabyte? @#$%

I'll predict it'll be a girl, born to RDJ aka Iron Man. A true gig,

, I'll predict will be the boy of Elon Musk after he saves us all from ourselves.

#2 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Wildcat and BigDog? » 2013-12-03 19:53:03

I agree, bobbym. However, I look at it slightly differently. Extinction for us will probably be from a lazy researcher who says "whoops."

What I don't understand is why prices are so high for so many things that have become heavily automated, like cars or milk. Also, why are we paying $2-3 for boxes of dried starches? Half of stores are made up of variants of that, seems completely stupid.

#3 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Kill the bugs? » 2013-12-03 19:45:11

I expect about half of my emails to companies to bounce and half of my voicemails never to be heard. Seems fairly accurate looking back, too. Still, ticks me off. Makes me wonder how so many products get recalled, if you can't even get in touch with these companies.

#4 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Purpose of life???? » 2013-12-03 19:33:01

The purpose of life is to dance...*pulls out machine gun*

And that reminds me of a song...Lorde - Royals.

#5 Re: Introductions » Hello World » 2013-12-03 17:03:15

Sorry! Heh. No I'm not 中国的

CIS ~ Computer Information Systems

#6 Re: Puzzles and Games » Metamorphosis » 2013-06-11 04:59:46

Hey all! On the 3 words can we use the same word in to go out?


#7 Re: Introductions » Hello World » 2013-06-10 20:09:13

Hi 7/3 and bob bundy, thanks! By the way 7/3, I heard a hilarious followup to the joke in your sig:

There are 10 people in the world - people who understand hex and F the rest.

#8 Re: This is Cool » The biggest number? » 2013-06-10 20:02:13

I'll bite and hope I lose! Okay, first all my variables will be 999e999 or 999*10^999. Graham's number is actually a function so I think we should build them ourselves rather than relying on others to do it.

Hyperoperation a for a and a (wiki has a good article).

#9 Re: This is Cool » Windows Calculator Bug » 2013-06-10 18:40:12

If you had to use binary, decimal, and floats all at the same time, you might come up with sqrt(4)-2=-8.1648465955514287168521180122928e-39 as well. Notice the sqrt(1)-1 is fine. Personally I prefer to use the Google Dual-Mode Calculator app in Google mode, which gives sqrt(4)-2=0.

#10 Re: This is Cool » Geometry: Using intersecting circles to obtain square roots » 2013-06-10 18:22:40

circlemaker, that's a beautiful tool. Can you give us a single line of code that turns n into the square root? Can you also show how this can be done on a simple calculator or on paper?

#11 Introductions » Hello World » 2013-06-10 17:59:51

Replies: 27

I'm a CIS student (hopefully still) at Saint Leo in FL. If I do start an online app company after I'm done, then obviously math. However, I'm not here because of that. I'm here because I feel I have a better understanding of math now and have relaxed a bit since I essentially have a professor with me wherever I go, aka the internet and a pc. I feel I have something to add, too.

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