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#1 Re: Coder's Corner » Is Anyone using BASIC Anymore? » 2013-06-07 01:15:26

Thank you both for the warm welcome,

I'll definitely take your advice and work on combinatorics and probability. In fact, it's funny you mention it because I was working on a discrete math series I bought and it starts out with combinatroics and number theory which was an eye opener for me.  However, right now, and I'm sad to say this because I'm quite embarrassed by it,  my knowledge in mathematics isn't quite good enough for me to peruse this interest as deeply as I would like too so I have to back up to the basics. I plan to work on this and improve because I'm fascinated the abstract side of the counting, ordering, ranking etc type aspects of it just not solely the applied side - if that makes any sense.

This is really why I'm excited, it's cool to have found a forum dedicated to mathematics with people kind enough to offer their time and expertise helping me achieve this goal and I look forward to participating. I just hope my silly questions don't outdo my welcome here lol.

#2 Re: Coder's Corner » Is Anyone using BASIC Anymore? » 2013-06-06 03:57:49

Hi, I'm new here and look forward to participating in the forum.

Long story short. I have taken some time off in life and I haven't programmed in BASIC for years(like when was a teenager), so it was really interesting when I opened my CS0 textbook(like CS 98 or before 101) this year and jumped into the algorithm section. What I noticed is how related the normal "pseudocode" used in algorithm design is to BASIC syntax. So this kind made me interested in why people are not using BASIC for at least algorithm design or teaching methods since it's so simple. In fact I was able to better understand some of the sorting algorithms because they were written in BASIC and I was exposed to it before, but this is probably nothing for people here who are experts at programming and can understand code easily. I'm not(I guess I better get to "being good" though if I"m going to major in CS - but that is another story)

I have a book(years old now) on DarkBASIC and plan to use it to help teach myself geometry(Don't ask because even I don't even understand why I have this urge in life and interest in mathematics all of the sudden when in fact I HATED math - hence why I joined this forum) and to run simulations and better help me visual basic geometry and learn algorithms. They also have a C++ add on so this could be a good chance to learn that too. I have a book on it C++ premier which I'll be using too.

I seen someone mention LibertyBASIC, is it still being updated and in development? I read "Beginning Programming for Dummies" by Wallace Wang years ago and it kind of made programming funny, I really wish he would do something with Python since his writing style is hilarious. The guy is a comedian. Kind of off topic but anyone else know any authors like that for programming?

Anyways I'm blabbing now. I'm not even a programmer and probably shouldn't be commenting. Sorry.

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