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#1 Puzzles and Games » The Age Old Problem » 2013-06-11 05:55:59

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Hi all,
                      The Combined ages of Reena and Seena are 44 years and Reena is twice as old as Seena was when Reena was half as old as Seena will be when Seena is three times as old as Reena was when Reena was three times as old as Seena?

How old is Reena and Seena?

P.S : The Question is Proper and there is no mistake in it.

Thanks smile

#2 Puzzles and Games » Problem of Square Boards » 2013-06-11 05:52:12

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Hi all,

             I have three sqaure boards,the surface of the first contaning 5 sq feet more than second,and the second containing 5 sq. feet more than the third.Can you find the exact measurement for the sides of the boards?

Thanks smile

#3 Re: Puzzles and Games » Numbers » 2013-06-07 04:53:30

yes..absolutely right.

The four numbers are 386,2114,3970,10430.

#4 Re: Puzzles and Games » Numbers » 2013-06-07 04:43:22

And I dont get any other logic other than naive solution which is brute force as mentioned by Agnishom.

#5 Re: Puzzles and Games » Numbers » 2013-06-07 03:02:02

Hi Agnishom,

                      3 numbers are within 9999 and one above that. how will u bruteforce easily without programs. I need to know that logic.

#6 Re: Puzzles and Games » Numbers » 2013-06-07 02:31:59

Hi bobbym,

                  The numbers are not less than 10 infact not even less than 100.
One more clue.there is only one number below 1000 of the four. smile

#7 Re: Puzzles and Games » Numbers » 2013-06-07 02:03:15

Hi bobbym,

                  Apologies for not making question clear.And the constraints are,

1. 4 numbers are distinct.
2. All 4 nos are strictly positive.(so not 0)
3. There are many solutions to this problem,but goal is to find smallest set of 4 such numbers.

I could not understand your last question..less than some constant..can you please elaborate?

Thanks smile

#8 Puzzles and Games » Numbers » 2013-06-07 00:41:33

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     I came up with an interesting puzzle to it is.
Can you find four numbers such that  sum of every two ans sum of every four may be perfect squares.??

Inspite of knowing the answers,I am not able to get how??

Help me out.

Thanks smile

#9 Re: Puzzles and Games » Black and White Hats » 2013-06-06 02:25:45

thanks a lot {7/3} and bob bundy smile
I got my way smile

#10 Puzzles and Games » Black and White Hats » 2013-06-05 07:23:55

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     I m new to this forum.I would like to get to know answer for this puzzle.

Cannibals ambush a safari in the jungle and capture three men. The cannibals give the men a single chance to escape uneaten.

The captives are lined up in order of height, and are tied to stakes. The man in the rear can see the backs of his two friends, the man in the middle can see the back of the man in front, and the man in front cannot see anyone. The cannibals show the men five hats. Three of the hats are black and two of the hats are white.

Blindfolds are then placed over each man's eyes and a hat is placed on each man's head. The two hats left over are hidden. The blindfolds are then removed and it is said to the men that if one of them can guess what color hat he is wearing they can all leave unharmed.

The man in the rear who can see both of his friends' hats but not his own says, "I don't know". The middle man who can see the hat of the man in front, but not his own says, "I don't know". The front man who cannot see ANYBODY'S hat says "I know!"

How did he know the color of his hat and what color was it?

I know the solution but not able to derive it.So a little help would be nice.Solution is given in home site itself.
Thanks  in advance smile

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