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#1 Help Me ! » Quantifiers and a predicate » 2013-04-04 15:21:35

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I'm trying to understand what happens when quantifiers in the prediate are swapped.

Let's assume the following:
Two sets A and a D and a predicate H(a, d), where a ∈ A and d ∈ D.

Statement 1.

There exists d ∈ D for all a ∈ A such that H(a, d).

This one I can figure out. It means that there exists a single d for all a such that H(a, d).

Statement 2.

For all a ∈ A there exists d ∈ D such that H(a, d).

This one I can't figure out. Does it mean that for every a there exists a unique d, i.e a1 - d1, a2 - d2, a3 - d3 etc. or does it mean that d's can be shared by some a's, i.e. a1 - d1, a2 - d2, a3 - d1, a4 - d2  etc.

Any help is appreciated.

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