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#1 Help Me ! » Error of Gaussian quadrature rule » 2013-04-02 18:02:24

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Prove that the error of the Gaussian quadrature rule is

(integral of f (x)dx from a to b  dx) - (∑ ie sum from i=1 to n of ci f(xi) = ((f^(2n)(z))/(2n)!)(integral of (∏ ie sum of products from i =1 to n of (x - xi)^2) from a to b  dx)

for some  z element of (a, b). Hint: Consider some kind of interpolation of f .

It would be nice if you could provide a clear proof so I could understand the error of the Gaussian quadrature rule.

#2 Help Me ! » Degree of Precision and quadrature formula » 2013-04-02 17:51:15

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Devise a quadrature formula for

f (x)dx (ie integral of f(x)dx from a to b) based on Hermit interpolation of f on the nodes x0 = a and x1 = b. Determine its degree of precision.

I would appreciate a solution so I can see how to determine the degree of precision for a question similar to one of my homework questions.

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