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#1 This is Cool » Proof of Heron's Formula - by kid named Skye » 2012-11-07 13:35:04

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Hello everyone, I just joined. I shared a web link with the host of the MathIsFun website, and he suggested I share with this forum. However, the forum won't accept links, so just Google "Taking Heron's Fortress" Full disclosure: Skye is my son, but I hope you agree it's still a cool thing to share (set YouTube to HD so you can read formulas). FYI, I'm the only teacher Skye has ever had, and my approach is pretty simple: We start with the best books – for us that was Lial for Algebra I & II, then Barnett for Trig, now Swokowski for calculus. Then we take our time, and always keep in mind there are two levels to learn: how to get the right answer, and what's happening "under the surface". We never drill - we only enjoy ourselves!

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