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#1 Re: Help Me ! » Combinations » 2012-10-23 04:15:59

Thanks Bob for your help.  You did a great job.  My teacher just informed me she got the same figures from a university math professor who is a friend of hers.  We both get a gold star. smile

#2 Help Me ! » Combinations » 2012-10-22 16:30:00

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I would like some help with this puzzle
Six boys separately climb a tree with nine big branches to get a large apple at the top but they all fall out of the tree before reaching the apple.
The first climber slips and hits branch A, then B and finally C before landing on the ground.
The next boy falls and hits branch D, then E and finally F and lands on the ground.
The third boys also has problems and hits branches B, then H, then E.
The fourth boy tries with no luck as well as he hits branches C, then F, and lastly branch I on the way down.
The fifth boy goes up but loses his grib and hits branch A, then E, and then G.
Finally the last boy goes up and just about gets his hand on the apple when he falls and hits EVERY branch on the way down.
My question is -  How many different possible orders are there for him to have been so unlucky and have done this?

I came up with 24 but my dad said he thinks it is more than that and to ask my math teacher.
I asked my math teacher and she said she didn't know but would use her "phone a friend" and get back to me but that was 2 days ago.
Any help on here?  Thanx.

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