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#1 Introductions » New here » 2012-06-06 03:13:02

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Hello everybody,

I am new to this site. I am wondering if there is anybody out there that would like to help me in certain areas of maths. I am pretty good with multiplying, adding, subtracting and dividing, but have trouble with decimals and knowing how to work out the maths, also fractions. I also wonder if anybody can also suggest any other sites that would teach me maths as well as this one. So far I am finding this one rather good. I never really managed to try algebra at school, but, I read how to do the basics on here and did two sets of 10 lots of questions and got every single one correct. Find I can understand how to do it one way very easily, but actually don't understand the opposite way around of doing it for some reason.

If anybody feels like they would like to give some time here and there to help out it would be much appreciated, also if anybody can suggest some other sites to learn would also be very appreciative.


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