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#1 Introductions » Math fan tired & bored with sudoku » 2012-05-06 03:37:05

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I have liked solving (and making) math puzzles for many years.  I solved sudoku puzzles for a long time, but whether they took 20 minutes or over an hour, I just got so bored with them.  I began making puzzles that were a combination of sudoku and math.  There have been a couple [spam removed].  It looked like people were gaining interest, until I put out my first Mini-Magazine. 

There are a couple of (FREE) puzzles on my [spam removed].  I would appreciate if anybody interested would take a look, print a copy (of the profile picture, and/or the Monthly Puzzle that is with the photos), and try solving.  The Profile picture is the easier of the 2 puzzles.

Does anybody think there is a possibilty of [spam removed]ever getting popular enough to have it's own magazine?  All opinions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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