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#1 Re: Introductions » Hi!!!!!!!! » 2005-11-12 02:11:26

justlookingforthemoment wrote:

Wow. On the some of the forums you suggested, there are a spam forums! Made especially for spam. Include posts such as: xpmdyjqf duufpfmkvtnx, RANDOMNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ffjdfjfdjfjd.

And aren't those colours eye-blindingly bright on the science and dancing pineapple forums!

Oh, I almost forgot! Welcome to the forum, bubble!

They are pretty bright, but the pineapple forum is pineappley kind of colours, and the science one was made by someone else. You should see some of my attempts. They're far worse

#2 Re: Introductions » Hi!!!!!!!! » 2005-11-09 05:51:14

There are pages and pages of non-postingg members on there. Don't be rude about it, it's the best one of the lot. Yes, I did start the science, and dancing fruit ones

#3 Re: Introductions » Hi!!!!!!!! » 2005-11-08 05:47:57

yes, although I also like music, English and history. Have you actually been onto any of the boards? smile

#4 Re: Introductions » Good day, Good evening, Good morning or Good night! » 2005-11-07 07:11:12

nobodys replied to my introduction yet. Hi anyway though

#6 Introductions » Hi!!!!!!!! » 2005-11-05 22:39:21

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Hi!!!!! I'm bubble. I'm 13 and I ams eeing what this site is all about. I like using the sites
the unnofficial murderous maths forum at
the fans of murderous maths forum
and also these 2 which are NOT maths related.
The science one
and this completely weird one.

Feel free to visit any of them.

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