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#2 Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Random Words » 2005-10-09 21:17:33

Replies: 24

You ever feel like shouting out a word that has nothing to do with anything around you in class? In a supermarket? At the dinner table?
Well i do...often, but i'm running low on words, any suggestions?
Plus some random words are said to often and are no longer random such as: cheese, purple etc. <<< i call these randless!
Now some people hate the word random as it is useless and i do sometimes but at the moment i need it!
Please post replys!
Katharine Stubbs,13,UK

#3 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » fit lads » 2005-10-09 21:10:14

Ok i think everyone in here should just calm down, you know, do the world a favour!

#4 Re: Jokes » Limericks » 2005-10-09 21:05:06

There once was a lady from Twickenham
Whos boots were to tight to walk quick in 'em
She wore them in style
But after a while
She took 'em both off and was sick in 'em

#5 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » War of the Worlds » 2005-10-09 20:57:22

I saw it with my boyfriend a month or so ago! Unfortunately we broke up the weekend before last or something like that! He cheated on me at a summer camp he went to over summer! As for the film it was very good but it was hardly a WAR of the worlds, i mean, it was more tom cruise running away for and hour and a half, he might have shot at something or chopped a tentacle off but that was it! Loved the aliens though, love sci-fi's me!

#6 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Music; what's your song? » 2005-10-09 20:52:44

Roraborealis wrote:

I like (don't judge people on their favourite music): Green day, yes, My Chemical Romance, The Used and Blink 182.

Ok now greenday rocked until recently, their new stuff is a bit mainstream and sucky! My chemical romance rox so much and i am going to see them in a month and a few days! I love loads of music apart from all chav music *throws up* I am going to see the blues brothers the weekend after this with a guy i really like (unfortunately he is 4 years older than me and has a girlfriend) I was listening to robbie williams the other night (my secret passion) I had the used in my head all last week (box full o sharp objects, blue n yellow etc.) and it is a real shame blink are no longer around! I like TMBG as i saw someone wrote about them and i am currently into Death Cab For Cutie!

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