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#1 Introductions » Hi from a Math Comic Writer » 2011-08-07 18:55:54

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Hey Everyone,

I'm working on writing a comic about aliens, being a high school student and preparing for the SAT. The comic will be called Zara vs the Scary Alien Teacher (or Zara vs the SAT for short). Right now its in pre-production so if you are interested you can check out the production blog at ComicMath . Since its a new site, I don't come up yet for Comic Math, but if you disable to autocorrect and search for it as one word I come right up.

I'm also working on creating a directory of comics about math which will be a great resource for math teachers once its completed. I'm always looking for more cartoons to put up there so if you know any let me know. [reference to a commercial site like a dot com removed by moderator]

Right now I'm trying to start my own business and am the new owner of tutoring company, Tutor Delphia and am a full-time SAT and math tutor in Philadelphia.


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