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#1 Re: Help Me ! » complex polyhedron models » 2011-07-31 14:50:56

jesseherring wrote:

Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction to find the angles needed in order to build a wood model of an icosidodecahedron, truncated icosahedron, and/or the 3V form of an icosahedron.  I found Soapy Joes posting on the subject and could not gather how to figure out the angles from his discussions.  I would like to be able to derive the angles so that I can later construct the rest of da vincis polyhedra.


I suggest that you purchase the 'MAHEMATICAL MODELS' book by H.Martyn Cundy and
  A.P.Rollett  go to the inter-net and find a second hand version. Less than $20. ( 1961 )

If you are so inclined, you can learn about Miller Indices, vector analysis, and analytical
geometry.   If you are well versed in those subjects, then you can generate your own angles.

I have been making models since  1960 and have a truncated hexacontrahedron in the mathematics archives of the Smithsonian Institute.

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