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#2 Help Me ! » Couldnt Be Difficult » 2005-09-14 03:16:53

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i am a free-lance computer programmer. as i cannot afford it i cannot engage services of another professional for this problem. i have tried it in excel, but manually found acceptable answers, i would be grateful if someone could help me.

i have a ratio of 3:2.25:1.6, when i feed that into the system the returns that are "acceptable" are 225:277:359, or infact also 225:276:359. now this is for a color lab where the RGBs and YMCs are required to be in some proportions!!!

i need to find out the calulating formula to arrive at the results. e.g. from trial and error i have found the above answer, also another example is 3.5:2.2:1.6 returns 226:319:348.

what is this relationship called. Definitely there are some relations between the ratios, WHAT IS IT????!!!!!!!

pl reply at,

tks a ton

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