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#1 Help Me ! » Special cluster analysis needed? » 2005-09-08 13:17:21

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Hi there!

Here is my problem:
I have 7 sets of 8 vectors each. I know that in most cases, each vector of a set is "similar" to a vector of each other set (let's call it a "type" - hence, I have 8 types).

Now, I want to put these vectors together (in order to get a mean value for each type).

Some kind of k-means cluster analysis seems to be a good choice. But so far, I haven't found a solution s.t. in each cluster, there is exactly one vector of each set.
Is there a variant that does exactly this?

Or is there an alternative approach?
I hesitate using one set as a reference system and trying to match the vectors of each set against it, because I'm quite sure the results would vary depending on the set I choose as reference system. :-(

Thanks in advance!

A solution that is easily applicable using the computer would be optimal.

Kind regards,

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