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#1 Re: Help Me ! » round, floor and ceil for complex numbers » 2005-09-04 09:43:57

ill do some more research and try to find out exactly which is it is: here is my calculator so far, its made in flash and deals with complex numbers: it isnt yet finished but it will also have a graphics side for plotting real graphs and complex graphs(3d):   (round, ceil and floor obivously aernt working yet, nor is memory allocation or equation navigation and editing, everything else should work fine)

syntax for obscure functions:

logz finds the log of the number to base z, its syntax is:
"base logz number" - for example the log of 3.5 to base (-4+5.51i) would be
(-4+5.51i) logz 3.5

zroot finds the z'th root of the number, syntax is:

"root zroot number" - for example the (3+4i)'th root of 5 would be
(3+4i) zroot 5

here are some renderins (in beta) for the graphics side: the engine im using is not the one that i will use for the proper renderings as this engine uses cameras which obviously slows things down alot - to see them properly and at a good enough speed youll need flash player 8/beta
(y = re[sin(z)]/20 )
(y = re[ z^conj(z) ]/40 )
(y = mod((z^conj(z)) / (e^z)) /40 )

#2 Help Me ! » round, floor and ceil for complex numbers » 2005-09-03 20:50:26

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for complex numbers, is the round/floor/ceil of the complex number the round/floor/ceil of each part
i.e. [3.7+4.2i] = 4+4i

or is it the complex number whos length is the round/floor/ceil of the originals length

[3.7+4.2i] = [ |3.7+4.2i| ] * (3.7+4.2i)/|3.7+4.2i| = 3.966+4.502i

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