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#1 Re: Help Me ! » need help!!! » 2005-04-04 21:55:44

gee... for question 1, i had checked and u are right! thank you... so my confusion is on the divide 64 into 2parts... thx alot!!:lol:
but for question 2, i have not check yet... sorry... i will try to find the time to check.... thx anyway...

#2 Help Me ! » need help!!! » 2005-04-01 20:27:42

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Q1. Divide 64 into two parts so that the difference bettween 2/3 of one part and 1/4 of the other is equal to 28. What is the value of the larger part?

i hv did a little bit on tis qn... but i m stuck or isit i m wrong...
my working: let the larger no. be x.
let the smalelr no. be 64/x.
2/3x - 1/4(64/x) = 28
2/3x - 64/4x = 28
8x/12 - 192/12x = 28
i m stuck here...

Q2. A boy walks a certain distance at 9km/h. He finds that if he increases his speed by 1/3, he would have saved 4/3 hrs. Find the distance he walks.

for tis qn, i dun reli undertsand or know how 2 solve it... yarr...:|

#3 Re: Help Me ! » help! pls state 1st sentence of equation. » 2005-03-27 00:25:07

thks for the prompt reply.
now i understand the explanation better.
looking forward to the rest of the qn.
hope to hear from u soon.:lol:

#4 Help Me ! » help! pls state 1st sentence of equation. » 2005-03-26 18:55:11

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In a class there are 4 more boys than girls. 1/3 of the girls and 7/11 of the boys take the train to school. If half of the class take the train, how many boys and girls are there in the class?

A motorist travels 115 km on an expressway at an average speed of 92km/h and another 45minutes on other roads. If the average speed for his whole journey is 80km/h, how far did he travel on the other roads?

A pool can be filled with water by a large pipe within 6 hours. A smaller pipe will take 9 hours to fill the pool. How long will it take to fill the pool if the two pipes operate together?

Find two consecutive numbers such that 4/7 of the larger exceeds 1/2 of the smaller by 5.
my answer: Let the bigger no. be x.
Let the smaller no. be y.
4/7x - 1/2y = 5

is my answer correct??

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