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2005-07-01 18:57:46

mathsyperson is correct.....neat work....
the exact value is 574.5875 and we take degrees centigrade plus 273..15 as Kelvin temperature....
Coming to his question, the bucket of water would at 30 degrees Fahrenheit would have frozen at thirtytwo degree F! so the ball wouldn't sink in the bucket of water at 30 deg f!!!

2005-07-01 18:05:22

∴  F=1.8(K-273.15)+32

Ganesh wants to know when these are the same, so solve y=1.8(y-273.15)+32.
Expand the brackets: y=1.8y-491.67+32
Combine the numbers: y=1.8y-459.67
Add 459.67-y to both sides: 0.8y=459.67
Solve: y=575F/K to the nearest unit. We can't really be more accurate than that because we don't know the exact value of how much bigger K is than C.

To keep with the theme of temperature, if you have one bucket of water at 30C and one at 30F and drop a ball (that sinks!) into both, which will reach the bottom first?

2005-07-01 17:51:34

Roraborealis wrote:

Woah......what's Mr. Potato head doing on front of a box of chips?

Yeah, bit of a far out marketing concept, hey?

But on with the puzzles.

Kelvin is just Celsius shifted upwards by 273.16, the idea being that absolute zero is 0 K. This would make room temperature about 293.

Todays forecast: fine, sunny with tops around 295 smile

So, convert from K to C, then from C to F.  Ohhh, my poor brain hurts ... someone help me ....

2005-07-01 16:36:45

Woah......what's Mr. Potato head doing on front of a box of chips?

2005-07-01 16:20:41

1 degree Fahrenheit = 255.927778 Kelvin
1 Kelvin = -457.87 degrees Fahrenheit

2005-07-01 15:03:19

We know that at -40 degrees, degree centigrade is equal to degree Fahrenheit.
Can you guess at what temperature degree Fahrenheit would be equal to Kelvin?

2005-07-01 07:39:20

Oh yeah, mathsyperson, it was good until you supersized it! LOL

2005-07-01 01:11:50

[ Insert cruel and sadistic, yet sharply witty, comment here to annoy Rora to the full. ]

2005-07-01 01:08:29

I feel really stupid now. I didn't read the question properly at all!
Oh well, at least that happened here instead of in an exam...

P.S. Brilliant avatar!

2005-06-30 20:19:30

Please visit my 'Lots of Jokes' page....

2005-06-30 16:53:21

Nooooooo! Please share them! Spread the joy!

2005-06-30 14:45:38

Well, the answer is 14.
Each person would shake hands with thirteen others,
resulting in 14 x 13 = 182
but a handshake involves two people....
divide that by 2, you get 91...

the way to solve this problem is n(n-1) = 91 x 2 = 182
Solve the equation, you get n=14.

My 100 clean jokes remain with me, ha!

2005-06-30 09:19:50

You can still have a go, Rora, just time yourself.

I am obviously not quick enough *sob*

2005-06-30 00:46:38

I wish I got here quicker......

2005-06-30 00:11:19

MathsIsFun may have run out of time, but he did show everyone an important pattern.
With n people, the number of handshakes would be the (n-1)th triangular number.

This means that with 91 people, there would be the 90th triangular number of handshakes, which is

(90*91)/2=4095 handshakes.

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