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2008-09-09 03:29:44

i dont know about that, I can use sa

2008-03-23 09:12:59

It's best not to actually use 'Dodgy' usernames or passwords at all, .!.R!canBayBay.!., as the Administrator can delete them. Maybe you could think up a different username and password, and use them to get into the forum.

2007-12-25 05:17:03

well only the administraitor(or however you spell it<<<<) can delete the name i made a "dodgey" one too but i got deleted (i wanted it to be) because i couldnt use it k?

2007-12-21 06:19:58

um i cant login it wont let me my pass is either dodgey or my names dodgey so can you delete my user name and ill be fine being a guest for a while ok?? thankx

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