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2009-02-27 12:40:12

cool favorite page on the site is !

2009-02-26 12:25:05

i love math is fun

2008-12-26 18:59:56

There's a Rihanna concert somewhere 2009, here* i think, with Jordan Sparks & Chris Brown & the Veronicas, i think & mayb Gabriella Cilmi    if u no who they r.       

*Here meaning Aus*.  *Aus meaning Australia - also commonly spelt OZ but thats another place. if u no wot i mean wink

2008-12-24 23:34:45

Just to clear up - Stacy is my GFs (Kerry) best friend, Hayley was sleeping at the time. Bless.

Just after watching Rihanna concert with Hayley, it turns out Rihanna does it as well! lol

2008-12-24 15:34:10

thats sounds really funny LOL!! I would've luv 2 have seen it I would've bagged her so hard! alhough I'm not sure if we get Xfactor in Australia ??? Unless it's on Foxtel?  maybe TiVo?

2008-12-24 05:04:32

I kind of like her, good singer. Did you see her on the Xfactor? Me and Stacy had a right good laugh! She was flinging her head around the place! So funny!

2008-12-23 18:41:46

Hey! wow I posted on this thread! Please don't listen 2 wot my split personality says she failed her last algebra test. Tell ya wot I detest .... Hannah Montana! AND Miley Cyrus. actually mostly Miley Cyrus...... eeww... just typing her name makes me wanna puke. Yeah! take that! (Of course no offence 2 the creater of this thread unless she is the real Miley Cyrus.)

OMG sorry bout her u guys just my split personality again

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dizzy eek roflol up tongue big_smile lol tongue                dizzy faint 

sorry her again. rolleyes

2008-12-23 13:15:58

Algebra really isn't too difficult, constant revision is key to success but then I guess I can say that about ALL areas of maths:P

2008-12-15 06:25:47

I am going to be a director of film when Im older so I will never get bored!

I have not started algebra yetbut i am on averages + ranges.

2008-09-14 13:35:38

blank_brunette wrote:

yeah, shapes and angles are ok, along with fractions, but it just hurts my head when i look at things like algerbra and exponential growth. its hard for me. i dont know why.dunno

Algebra is actually pretty easy. Once u understand it's alright just everyone's lyk sad it's soooo hard down  If u really don't lyk math it's best to get a job that has no need for it lyk i did.

2008-09-14 13:31:03

Chocó wrote:

blank_brunette wrote:

ugh! i detest math!

I hate maths as well- I'm good at shapes, angles and area, but the rest seems hard to me.


2008-09-11 10:55:18

Math is hard >sad  I fail at it XD

2008-04-22 06:53:27

lol! smile ok learning this new thing at school about quadratic relationships, and it gives me headaches! down my grandma is considering getting me a tutor!dunno


2008-04-11 04:53:39

Some people I know like numbers very much...

Ramanujan was lying on his deathbed in Chennai, India when his english chum G.H.Hardy took a plane from Cambridge to visit him in India. Well you see , he came to see him for the last time and complained to his indian friend:-
Hardy:- the taxi cab i took has the most un-interesting number..
Ramanujan:- which number?
Hardy:- 1729.
Ramanujan:- Hey there wait!!!!  1729... is NOT un interesting!
Hardy:-  ...!
Ramanujan smiled weakly and said:-
- You see :  1729 is the smallest number which can be written as

1729 = 10^3  +  9^3


1729 = 12^3 + 1^3

that is, 1729 is the smallest number which can be broken down into two cubes in 2 different ways...
and the next such number is a very very large one in fact...
(internet source- life of Srinivasa Ramanujan)

2008-04-07 06:43:55

yeah, shapes and angles are ok, along with fractions, but it just hurts my head when i look at things like algerbra and exponential growth. its hard for me. i dont know why.dunno

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