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2005-06-23 21:50:07

I assume the WHOLE garden is 12m x 12m and the garden path divides it into two plots.

So, the whole area is 12x12=144

And the path is 12m long and 2m wide, so its area is 12x2=24

The area of grass is just the area of the garden minus the area of path, ie 144-24=120 square meters

(But I would order about 130 square meters, as you may lose some turf when cutting it to fit LOL)

2005-06-23 21:10:19

Thank you... I knew it'd be simple! I'm struggling with another mind numbingly simple sum now... If you had a garden with two plots that was 12m by 12m with a path running straight through the middle of it 2m across what area of turf would be needed to cover the plots?

2005-06-23 21:04:41

Think of 10,500 as 7/8, because 1/8 (the amount fallen) + 7/8 is a whole.

So to find out 1/8 = 10,500 ticket holders / 7 = 1500 ticket holders lost.

That didn't really explain it very well, but hope it helps.

2005-06-23 20:53:50

I have been relying on a calculator to figure out even the most simple of equations for far too long.... The problem i have is:

If a number of season ticket holders has fallen by 1/8 to 10,500, how many season ticket holders have been lost?

I know that the answer is 1,500, but I don't know (or can't remember) how on earth to figure it out!?



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