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Topic review (newest first)

2007-12-05 15:43:52

6. Lay out in 2D with no or minimal crossings.

2007-12-05 09:23:50

5. Find solutions for travelling salesman + chinese postman problems?

2007-12-05 07:17:26

So the first question is, what do we want this program to be able to do?  Here are a few things that come to mind:

1. Represent graphs, multigraphs, trees, forests, weighted graphs, directed graphs, and weighted directed graphs.  This means accepting input and output.

2. Search for shortest path from any vertex a to another vertex b in any of the above.

3. Find a minimal spanning tree in a weighted graph.

4. Find a spanning tree in a graph.

I'll be adding to this later on.  Please enumerate everything you say, continuing off of mine.  In other words, the next person should start with 5.

2007-12-03 09:52:33


2007-12-03 07:25:08

by that do you mean that we wont be writing a specific GUI to interface with the library, but rather simply create a library that is easily translatable and a GUI may be built for whatever purpose in the target language?

2007-12-03 07:21:12

Seems interesting to me. We may have to write "translatable" code ... ie avoid code that is too language-specific.

2007-12-03 06:11:48

Here is an idea: have our program manipulate graphs in such a way that a display can be built on top of it.  Since most of the code for C++ and Java is similar except when it comes to graphics libraries, it will be easily portable into the other language.  Perhaps a general display class which can be written for any type of application, whether it be glut, Java applet, Swing, etc.

Does anyone have an objections to this project?

2007-12-01 23:40:02

AS3 isn't that far off from Java in terms of speed, but yeh, both are much slower than C++. AS3 took a massive step up from AS2 in terms of execution speed among many other things.

2007-12-01 23:22:10

That is why I chose flash over java for the Math Is Fun website ... the average web user hates the wait. So if you are designing something to be popular use flash (and use swishmax to make it)

HOWEVER, while flash is great at animations and user presentation, it is painfully slow as a programming language (orders of magnitude slower than C++).

2007-12-01 19:57:31

the only thing i REALLY hate about Java is the applet basicly, i absolutely hate when i go on a webpage, and because it has a java applet on it, it forces the browser to freeze until the java applet is loaded, and then once the applet is loaded you can browse the page, then the application opens, and it jumps you back up.

Besides, C++ can be cross platform aswell if we use GLUT.

2007-12-01 15:48:09

I'm probably going to be way behind the rest of you (I know nothing about Java) but I'd really like to come along for the ride, I think this is really the best way to learn.

Any thing I can do I will, I'm basically on the same boat as mikau on this one.

2007-12-01 08:18:41

Well frankly I'm just interested in participating in some sort of project and contributing whatever I can. Thats rewarding in itself. So I'm more or less indifferent as to what we do so long as its not over my head or dealing too much with something i know nothing about.

2007-12-01 08:06:51

mikau, you replied on how much you can do, but not on which project you like, or if you don't like either.  If you don't know an element of the project, then it is perhaps motivation for you to learn it through experience.  I'm not concerned with having people knowledgeable on what we use, only that the people involved have some programming experience.

2007-12-01 06:58:47

I don't know any php i'm afraid, but I have messed around with Java's GUI interfaces a good bit. I know how to use labels, buttons, radio buttons, combo boxes, text fields, text areas, scroll bars, radio buttons, checkboxes, dialog boxes, etc. I'm also familiar with applets and their various draw functions. I might be able to provide some assistance there.

2007-12-01 04:36:34

When it comes to coding style, I agree.  However Java has a built in graphics library which is platform independent.  C++ can't even begin to compare with that.  And since I'm on a Linux box and you guys are probably on Windows, Java is the way to go.  Java also has a very impressive api, which would be helpful when doing this sort of thing.  And to top it all off, we can make this an applet so that we can put it on a web page.

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