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Topic review (newest first)

2008-09-09 03:16:41

i live in the USA.

2007-11-27 06:06:22

wow i did not know that there was so many nationaltys here dose any one here watch  the  N.F.L i root for the Clevland Browns  for college i root for Ohio state  buckeyes  but i hate the wolverens what  is your favorite football team and im not tlking about soccer either

2007-11-24 21:32:56

Ok, so I know 3 people are from the US, then.

Hmm... Where is this site from, anyway?

I mean, where does MathsIsFun live?

2007-11-23 17:37:51

Ricky of course! He's in the US. And so am I.

2007-11-23 15:54:40

Yeah, you're right.I actually don't know anyone from the US, too. Of course, I'm relatively new here, I don't know the nationalities of most people here, even of those I know!

So, don't trust this guy from pluto...

2007-11-22 13:28:07

I think we have a wiide distribution of people from all over the world. We have a few english, indians, aussies, uhm... come to think of it I don't know any people here from the US. Apart from johnathon2 that is. Im australian.

2007-11-21 20:49:32

I think many here are from the US...

Not me, however...

2007-11-21 06:11:17

is any one from the U.S.A here i am i was born in Jacksonville North carolina then i moved to ohio 9i hve moved from place to place now i live in a small town called Colmbus Grove Ohio. i would love to go to germany because my Mom's grandpa was from there. england sounds like a nice place to go. i woiuld never move any where that it dosent snow.
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