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2005-06-25 00:54:46


2005-06-24 08:42:37

Do we get a years supply of neopetfood ?

2005-06-24 07:24:14

If I was Zach, I'd complain about the lack of an , but instead I'll just say that the official answer is 200, meaning that everyone was right. Yay!

2005-06-18 21:40:15

omg not neopets... pokemon is the way forward

2005-06-18 19:48:07

Neopets' policy is to reveal the soultion and give a new puzzle on Thursdays, so you'll have to wait until then to see if you're right. Having said that, your logic seems impeccable to me and I don't see how that could be wrong.

2005-06-18 19:12:44

Best I can do is to say:

(CCW = Counterclockwise)

At 11:00, the painting titled "Number 30" was hung. => 30, because it is 30 degrees CCW from 12:00

At 4:00, the painting titled "Number 240" was hung. => 240, because it is 240 degrees CCW from 12:00

At 7:30, the painting titled "Number 315" was hung. Hung Upside Down so it is really 1:30, which is 315 degrees CCW from 12:00

At 9:20 assuming this painting is also hung upside down it will really be at 3:20, which is 260 degrees CCW from 12:00, so the painting will be "Number 260"

Would someone like to go over this and see if I got it right  ?

2005-06-18 09:09:41

Oh, wow, another neopets.

I notice that the clue says "...and hangs it on the wall, and adjusts it". Perhaps he adjusts the angle its at, or turns it upside down or back-to-front.

That could explain why 7:30 not 1:30 (exactly 180 off what you think it should be, assuming it was "counterclockwise angle from 12:00")

2005-06-17 23:52:32

This one is similar to the one that cheer99 posted a while ago in that you could manufacture a solution to fit the problem, because it is still a sequence, just a bit more complicated. If you did that, it probably wouldn't work, though.

I think MathIsFun is along the right lines and just needs to tweak his solution a bit, but I don't know.

Incidentally, it is also similar to the other one because it has been taken off neopets!
(Not a complaint, not trying to be witty, don't tell me off Zach... oh no wait, do!)

2005-06-17 21:20:31

Sorry change that, it will be 200!!

2005-06-17 21:13:11

Angles is good I think i have it 210?? the angle at 9.20!!

2005-06-17 21:04:56

Thats all I got. I dont know anything else, its driving me mad

2005-06-17 20:49:17

Hmmm, they look like angles.

1 Hour is 360/12 = 30 degrees, and 11:00=30 to the right of 12:00 (counterclockwise that is)
4:00 is 120 degrees to the left (clockwise) of 12:00, which is 240 degrees counterclockwise !

Now, 7:30 is a problem ...  shouldn't that be 1:30 ?

2005-06-17 20:36:11

Are these in 24 hour time? It might help if an am or pm were added.


Or maybe not...

2005-06-17 20:28:31

In the Art Gallery is a new conceptual art piece. The artist created a huge pile different paintings; periodically he picks up one of the paintings and hangs it on the wall, and adjusts it.

At 11:00, the painting titled "Number 30" was hung.

At 4:00, the painting titled "Number 240" was hung.

At 7:30, the painting titled "Number 315" was hung.

What painting will the artist hang on the wall at 9:20?

Any ideas anyone? I'm stumped!


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