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2010-09-16 07:53:09

chuk wrote:

I may.  I've been writing different ones, just not under the same names.  Which would you suggest.

hmm thats kinda hard to say...

it would help if I knew what series's your into ( i mean i can't suggest you write a fanfic for a series you've never heard or watched!)  XD

so, other then naruto, what other anime or manga do you like?

2010-08-04 23:03:53

I may.  I've been writing different ones, just not under the same names.  Which would you suggest.

2010-03-02 07:46:27

Great fanfic however I'm not a big naruto fan... are you gonna write another with a different series after this one?

chuk(new hinatahyuga1)
2010-03-02 07:06:25

(Sorry I've been gone I've been posting so many different ones that I almost forgot this. My original on this sight... Sasuke: Are you crying? Me: Shut up Baka! I never liked your side comments anyway. )
Kakashi studied the group for a moment, then said almost reluctantly, " I guess you could stay for a bit then." Aaliyah looked over the leaf genin. "Konohagakure. You all must be here for the chunin exams, right?"
Taylon smirked. "Oh yeah, I caught wind of the fiasco during the original one when Kabuto went to spy on them."
Hailey was hopping up and down. "ooh I want to try it! Can we be in the exams, pretty pretty PLEEAAASE????"
"I don't think that would be possi-" Kakashi broke off as Hailey stuck out her lower lip and gave him the "look". Aaliyah and Taylon each gave him their own, much more terrifying version of the evil eye. Skills and connections from several different villages showed from the rags they wore.
NO ONE in the group wanted to fight them. Hinata turned and walked back to the auditorium. Not that she had noticed Naruto and Sasuke retreating earlier, but... (Sasuke: math, I'm being dragged back into the story. Me: Are you eyeballin' me? Remember I choose whether you live or die! And I would be happy to send you somewhere far away on a deserted

2009-05-20 22:33:53

I don't care if you write your own and this probably will not be the end. I may write later.

2009-05-19 23:20:19

Is that the end and can i post my stories my bro and sis said they're good.wink

2009-02-26 01:56:47

Hailey started laughing and Taylon relaxed quite a bit. Perverts weren't really that scary to them. (Sasuke: Fern-sama, your writing again. Fern: And Baka? I've been busy! Do you really want to go there WHEN I'M HYPER! Sasuke: I just said you were writing again.) Aaliyah watched as a couple jonin pushed Jiraya out of sight and then a white haired man took a few steps forward. Kakashi was a little bit more polite then the toad sage. "Hello, may I ask why you are here?" Aaliyah didn't say anything though she was clearly the leader of the group. After a minute Aaliyah nodded in Hailey's direction and she immediatly stepped forward. "We'd tell you if we could, but a four-eyed fr-" a sharp look from Aaliyah and she changed her sentence "I mean, we believe a friend of ours betrayed us to his master."
"You work for Orochimaru." it was a statement not a question. Aaliyah spoke again at this, holding both hands out behind her imperiously so that her companions wouldn't kill Kakashi. "We work for no one. We only join villages for temporary normality. We learn what we can, then when something happens that demands more loyalty to the village than wearing a headband, we leave. That's how we have lived for a long time. Thats how we will live for a long time."

2009-01-21 03:25:45

I like the original characters for a subplot. hope you update soontouchedup

2009-01-07 07:53:39

"Explain yourselves, now." Jiraya hissed through his teeth, giving off a pretty menacing look. Hailey took a couple steps back, and Taylon would have attacked the fangirlless Jiraya (Every woman and annoyed by pervy guy man shout: YA!!!!) if Aaliyah hadn't held the boy back(-_-) with one hand. She raised an eyebrow at him. "Did you just come from the womens hotsprings?" she asked no hint of emotion in her words. Every leaf nin sweat dropped. Mostly because he probably had.

2008-04-15 22:59:28

As soon as the blonde female was healed she would not allow herself to be tended to. She went straight to her teammates and after 2 seconds of examination for each, found the red-haired boy was in the most need of healing and quickly started to use medical ninjutsu while the black haired female sat upward quickly.
       "Where did that 2 faced snake take us?" asked the dark-haired girl.
       "Don't worry Hailey-chan, I think these guys aren't in alliance with Yakushi. I woke up to cherry-head trying to heal me." If she had not been held back by Hinata, Sakura would have probably killed the blonde. She didn't need another Ino-baka.
       Hailey ignored Sakura. "Is Taylon okay?" she asked just now noticing the fact the blonde was using medical ninjutsu on him. As if on cue the redhead woke up.
       "Where is 4 eyes?" Taylon asked as he sat up. Then he looked around. Seeing people he was not familiar with he wasn't as observant as Hailey. He immediatly went at Sasuke. Of course here in the leaf village, Sasuke didn't even have to respond to attacks or use reflexes. Because he had something more fierce.
(Me: They seem kinda handy now don't they Sasuke-kun?
Sasuke: Hn. I don't need the protection they just give it to me.
Me: Your always so negative! No wonder I never joined that fanclub of yours!
Sasuke:Thats why I'm in your story. But even here there are fangirls!
Me: What do you want me to do? Cut Sakura and Ino out? Cause I'd be happy to cut Ino out.
Sasuke: Please and thank you.
Sakura immediatly knocked him upside the head knocking him to the ground while Ino pounced on him and all the others surrounded him with evil glares. (Me: I hav to admit, I'd do the same thing if I was there when someone attacked Kabuto.
Sasuke: You sicken me.)
Hinata, the only sane girl of the bunch gave Sasuke a glare.
       "Tell them to knock it off!"
Sasuke smirked. "He's the one who attacked me."
The blonde rolled her eyes. "Girls get off of the idiot."
The girls seemed to think that she would be a fellow fan girl and had somewhere found since in letting the enemy go. Cautiously they got of Taylon waiting to see the blonde punch him at least, but she merely helped him up and told him they were not in enemy teritory no matter how hard it was to believe after a fangirl attack.
       "Well, Aaliyah, you could have told me that."

2008-04-15 05:51:00

All the genin in the room got up and ran outside. The shots vibrations had died out, but Sasuke, Hinata, Shino, and Temari were now sharpening there senses with their chakra, so they could here a few Kunai knives clashing. Leading the shinobi who knew where they were going, all of the shinobi genin went to see what the cause of the loud clash. Naruto ran ahead of Sasuke and the others as soon as he could and everyone knows it was only by chance that the knucklehead ninja of the hidden leaf caught a glimps of Kabuto Yakushi leaving three injured bodies. Hinata and Sakura ran to see if the three victims were hurt beyond saving.  Sasuke and Naruto tried to catch up with Kabuto but failed.

2008-03-01 07:32:28

Hinata took in a deep shuddering breath. "This will be hard" she said in a voice barely above a whisper. Sakura though did not hold in her thoughts though. Her hand shot in the air. "SO YOU EXPECT SOMEONE TO DIE ON THIS EXPEDITION?!" Iruka tipped his head to one side. "Is that a problem miss Haruno?"
"Ya Sakura," Ino said though she was looking at Iruka with scorn. "Remember? Forest of Death? Forcing 12 year olds to go where they could easily be killed just to rise there ninja rank? The 2nd exam always has to be..."
before she could finish her sentence a shot could be heard from outside the school.
(I  thought I'd have a little fun and add a second story to this fanfic)

2008-03-01 07:19:15

" You will be sent to explore a deserted island." Iruka said. Where it has been said 3 konahagakure shinobi have been spotted. You will all go there in groups of 2. A horn will be sounded when all of the shinobi have been found. If your team comes back alive with one of the lost shinobi you will go on to the next round. If your team is found dead and brought back by another team they will move on. If you return with no rescued BODYS at LEAST, you will not move on....
(Sorry be right back)

2008-02-07 06:21:06

Ya you can write your own I don't care. (writers block at the moment.)

2008-02-02 01:08:11

smile  smile  smile

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