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Topic review (newest first)

2007-09-24 21:11:03

No, don't dump it, it is still of value ... it will come in handy most of the time, but it is a little outdated. Nevertheless, you can still get some valuable information from it. But I think W3C is better.

2007-09-24 20:33:07

June 1993. Quite old now, I guess. Maybe I should dump it?

2007-09-24 18:16:35

What year was it printed? It does not really matter, but with many program languages certain things are being replaced, especially in the basic ones.

2007-09-24 17:57:35

What the title says, and its title 'C++ Primer 2nd Edition'. I found it and happened to get it (since it was free.) does anyone know much about it? I mean, I'm interested in programming, but don't know anything about it, except basic rules. Is the book old and outdated? Suggestions? hmm

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