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Topic review (newest first)

2007-08-31 19:49:04

I am yet to discover the 'secret rank' if there is any such thing ... after being here so long I have the right to know what it is. ;P

So, yeah, Novice is the first rank, followed by Member, followed by Full Member, followed by Power Member, followed by Super Member, followed by Real Member (good behaviour), followed by Moderator, followed by Administrator. The last three mentioned ranks do not require a specific postcount, they are hand-given ranks.

2007-08-26 17:17:10

uche wrote:

why do i have novice under my name

You have novice under your name because it shows how many posts you have put on the forum, click your username (don't click "Logged in as uche" as it won't work) and scroll down or go on the user list and search for your name to find out how many posts you have done.

2007-08-22 07:04:58

why do i have novice under my name

2007-08-22 07:04:23

hello mikau my name is uche i just put it there cus someone was using my username .

2007-08-20 11:24:05

mikau wrote:

hi, Uche. Welcome to the board. How old are you?

i am 7 my real name is not lili i just put it

2007-08-19 11:55:50

hi, Uche. Welcome to the board. How old are you?

2007-08-19 11:42:42

hi hey

2007-08-19 11:41:15

hhelo people who wants to challenge me on math huh:)smilewinkup

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