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2007-07-28 19:46:22

Well i've got a book which goes through 2 modules. It's core 1 and 2 and it's 442 pages long. I got it from my library. I think i'll look out for core 1 and 2 and I'll look out for some of the applied maths books too. There is so much to work on!

2007-07-28 19:33:02

yeh, for the normal Alevel, you need 4 pure modules (Core1 through 4) and two applied modules (Mech1-4,Stats1-4,Disc1-3)
then for further maths, you have 3 pure modules (Fpure1 through 3) and 3 applied modules from same list
then for additional further maths, you basicly just need to do any modules you havn't done i believe since there are a total of 18, that gives 3 sets of 6 modules

2007-07-28 19:24:35

Learning A-Level makes you realise just how easy GCSE  work is. The good thing is that most of the GCSE work is already covered in Key Stage 3 apart from surds, rules of sine and cosine, the quadratic formula, variation and graphs of shift and stretch. A-Leel has tonnes of new topics. Well done for geting an A in all your modules so far. So, for an A-Level you need to do 6 modules? So, for instance, core 1 is just one module and you have to do 6?

2007-07-28 19:18:34

what my yr9 teacher did, he wasnt that great a teacher but he got the head of maths in and me and a friend got a GCSE book to work through in yr9 so i learnt pretty much all the GCSE work in yr 9, and then in the start of yr10, my friend didnt want to, but i worked through an Additional Maths book, which after i started on the Alevel work and took all the exams for the modules i did over the last 2 years so yeh.
So far ive gotten A's in all the modules ive got results for, im expecting an A in mech1 aswell, and hopefully an A in mech2 too. In which case i would have A in Core1-4, Stats1, Mech1+2 (A is highest in Alevel)

2007-07-28 19:12:12

The one i hate is the mechanics one. Stats isn't that bad to me and I am doing it for GCSE. So did you actually do an A-Level while you were in high school? I would consider taking the exam early but i did my SATS test a year early (Like another 7 other pupils in my school) and I got a  level 7a but then the following year i got a level 8a. Also, my old maths teacher trued to put 3 years curriculum into 1 year and it really didn't work because she always wanted to go to the IT Suite and draw a diagram on the board. One time we spent 2 weeks on a presentation about noughts and crosses. I really didn't learn much new maths in the first 2 years of high school.In year 9 though, we had a great teacher, he really wanted to push th class forward and certain individulas like myself. He told me about a girl who he taught A-Level stuff to in year 8 and she didn't even realise it was A-Level work! That mademe want to do that too and really push myself. It's also the summer holidays at the moment and my mum is away so i'm staying at a friend of hers house but i have my own room with a computer and sky. I brang  a suitcase full of GCSE books and a pure mathematics and Law A-Level text book.
I'm just saying that i want to get the best possible mark i can and i'd rather do it when i can really get the highest mark i can. Let's see how it goes..

2007-07-28 18:37:55

you should try and get through as much alevel work as you can and take the exams early.

i didnt get a chance to start as early as you are, but i was allowed to start towards second term of year 10 and managed to get through 7 a level modules (6 needed for an alevel) while doing my GCSE's, which means that now in sixth-form i can get another 2 alevels in maths (giving 3 in total) without doing any extra work really compared to anyone else.

Although this does mean i have to do the other 3 stats modules (i dont particularly enjoy stats compared to discrete/mech/pure)

2007-07-28 18:27:10

^Thank you so much! It is good to finally get some encouragement

Like your display picture by the way smile

2007-07-28 11:55:02

Welcome Math_Girl!

You are certainly doing well for your age.

2007-07-28 07:38:59

Thought i use a bit of alliteration to try and confuse soem people:D
Anyway, I absolutely adore maths and all the concepts of it and i hae written to several professors of Oxford and Cambridge University just to ask advice for any decent books or decent websites or for just general support or useful information. My "obsession" actually started after a stressful time in my life, where i saw my maths teaher at the only one who fully supported me so i so i worked really hard and went up 2 national curriculum levels in 6 months and i am currnetly goingthrough many a A-Level book. I am 14 years and 22 days old and te current time is 22.36. I have a thing about precisness and accuracy Please excuse the spelling) and i'm good with numbers and working out how long to  a certain time is.. I just have a fascination to Maths! This is quite similar to my introduction on another thread so i'm just going to stop talking now.

It is now 22.38 tongue

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