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2010-06-08 11:41:59

KrazyKyngeKorny wrote:

But, Pluto is not a planet. It has been proven by someone who needs to get a life.

I was just talking to him the other day. I said the very same thing to him. He called my attention to this quote. He thought it was cool.

But isn't it nice having a mix of ages and skills? The more experienced can help the less so, and we can overcome this stratified society of ours.

Then you know what he said to me? No you can't know, how could you know? He said this is a good life, helping people is good. It shut me right up.

2010-06-08 04:21:24

JohnnyReinB wrote:

So, you both are from another planet? small universe!
I'm from pluto, actually.

But, Pluto is not a planet. It has been proven by someone who needs to get a life.

2010-06-01 09:30:54

I live in NJ.

2010-05-31 07:28:46

I'm from Egypt

2010-05-22 04:23:01

well i live in the uk!
wink big_smile smile

S.G. Shredmaster
2010-04-17 04:11:45

i dont think ur missin much. how old are you now?

2010-04-09 04:44:03

Hey, S. G. I was born is Cali! Lived there till I was 14. I miss it sad

Sarah rebekah 13
2010-03-24 02:50:45


2010-03-23 19:03:06

Hi Sarah;

Hi welcome to the forum Im from Alabama

My Daddy was born in Bessemer Alabama.

2010-03-23 17:45:06

Okey-dokey, I'm from Melbourne. That's Melb. Australia, btw.

Sarah rebekah 13
2010-03-23 06:01:26

Hi welcome to the forum Im from Alabama

2010-03-22 19:35:53

I'm confused.... but BigSwift! I love you signature, it's hilarious! lol... roflol

2010-03-22 04:04:16

St. Helens, NW of England

S.G. Shredmaster
2010-03-22 00:59:05

sAC. California

2010-02-10 13:20:07

Hi d1whohatesmath;

Welcome to the forum!

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