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2007-05-12 02:26:18

cuz i luv lauren n i dont want lil gurlz to make her cry cuz they be lyin!

2007-05-09 03:23:10

yeah i thought that too...then lauren heaton be cryin i wuz like dang....might not even be true! but if it is i feel bad!

2007-05-09 02:43:30

i bet she just told dat story just to make ppl feel sorry for her

2007-05-09 02:22:53

awww....we neva sweet to ppl unless they our friends, right! lol! n that lil gurl sittin ova there wit her nappy hair aint my friend! as much as i cant stand her, i kinda feel bad for her cuz i kno she had a bad home life.  she wuz tellin a story bout it in ms  garner class n i kno she been hurt so i feel a lil bit bad but she still dont needa go runnin she mouth to me or nobody else cuz that aint gon fix things in her life.  itz gon make em worse.  bein a lil slut dont help either.

2007-05-09 02:20:10

gurl i dont blame u at all.  sum 1 needs to beat her down lik niesha did to dat gurl. gurl, i b rollin on da floor laughin lik it aint nuttin. but yeah im never sweet, just only to u cuz yall my best friendswave

2007-05-09 02:12:33

yeah...she needa keep her lil nasty mouth quiet or somebody gon jump n i juz might laugh! lol! aww....gurl u alwayz sweet!  cept when people be gettin in ya face but itz all good cuz i kno everybody get highly upset when people be thinkin they can beat up on you or whateva. somebody take a swing at me n they gon wish they neva woulda cuz id be hittin them back i dunno how many times! ima black out n kill like niesha almost did to kayshana! lol! she so funny! but yeah...gotta glad that devante dude aint on...well actually i wish he wuz cuz i wan be mean to him! lol!

2007-05-09 02:09:29

gurl i can never stay sweet 4 2 long but ill try:lol: anyways, im kno who u talkin about and i totally agree. ppl need to keep quiet if they aint got anythin appropate to say. well stay sweet and kind like u always izup

2007-05-09 02:05:48

heyy gurl!  wutcha dewin? im good n ya kno im juz sittin back lovan me some everybody cept for lil people who cant stop runnin they mouth (betchu kno who i be talkin bout) lol!  stay so sweet, friend!  you so beautiful!!!!!

2007-05-09 02:04:16

hey everybody! big_smile

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