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2005-05-27 07:45:22

cool_me, you are genius ...

... I think hmm

2005-05-27 03:37:28

hey who ever u r  i got the answer for u.telling u something tht go order wise and get ur answer.
the no not possibly will be a perfect sqr. so u can actaually do it calmly!ur answer + question is toooo difficult.
the answer by me is not valid.
3/2 x -1 + sqrt of (2^2 -7 x -4)
=-3/2 + sqrt of 12

sqrt of 12 does not come in whole nos. u cant add approximation
( if u do it this way)

im really bored
2005-05-22 05:28:20

Yes it is a 3 divided by a 2.   Now after following some of their advice I combined both terms to make one term which is:     (3x - 3)    +    (sqrt(2x^2 - 7x - 4))   All divided by 2.  But I can't get any further at the moment

2005-05-21 20:03:06

Then, we'll first need to multiply out the brackets.
Is that 3/2 a three divided by 2?

im really bored
2005-05-21 08:51:53

well anyways back to my original question,     I got some help from a friend and they said to start by making the (3/2)(x-1) into one term, and then multiply the sqrt by something that will allow you to combine it with the expanded fraction, then go from there. And they said that the final solution will end up with a square root inside of a square root, and that there wasnt a way that they knew to get around it.

2005-05-20 04:18:51

Silence yourself, Stewie. My Ferret Reaper will destroy you!

2005-05-20 03:17:26

I have 2 admit it looks a lot better - good work zach *throws up*

2005-05-20 01:34:36

A ferret reaper.

2005-05-19 21:32:52

He did ... I don't know what he replaced it with either.

2005-05-19 21:01:25

Zach got rid of his animal thingy!

2005-05-19 19:31:37

Hitler wasn't going to kill everyone he ruled.

im really bored
2005-05-19 07:30:30

So does anyone have any idea on how to do this problem?

2005-05-18 23:23:56


2005-05-18 19:39:17

In other words ... Hitler/Maths would have had the power to defeat the Allies, and then would have gone on to kill everyone he now successfully ruled?

This is a new theory I hadn't encountered before.

2005-05-18 18:38:28

i hate maths if hitler was maths, wed all be dead by now

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