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2005-06-27 19:52:15

MathsIsFun wrote:

I have 3 ideas.

One is Piaget's capacity idea - you know - short fat holds the same as long thin. Use glasses of different widths/heights and coloured water.Get the kids to estimate before you pour. (Young kids often assume the tall will hold more - it is so funny when they stare in amazement as you keep pouring from tall to short and it doesn't overflow!) But older kids can do things like use measuring cups and  pens to mark things out.

Another idea is to have rocks, pebbles sand and water. Get a large glass container and fill it with rocks. Then add pebbles, and they fit (around the rocks - give it a shake)! Then add sand, and it fits! Then add water and it fits! You can show how this works by emptying then filling with water, then show the water spilling out when you add rocks, pebbles, sand.

My third idea: give them a challenge with one of these measuring puzzles

woz i hate mafs a boy or girl . y are day bein band coz ov wot day wer talkin bowt. p.s wots an administrater , is it sum kind ov boss

2005-06-27 19:48:58

MathsIsFun wrote:

"I hate math" is about to be banned


same question.polly.

2005-06-27 19:46:42

hey wot bowt me .jaz 1.

2005-06-27 19:45:27

"I hate math" is about to be banned

2005-06-27 19:45:20

where do u live r u a girl

2005-06-27 19:43:55

i hate maths 2 r u a boy or a girl .polly.

hi im jaz 1(jasmin)

2005-06-27 19:40:55

yes i am and i don't knoww what to talk about

2005-06-27 19:39:04

hi wot shall we talk bowt

r u saying no 2 liking maths

2005-06-27 19:37:49


2005-06-27 19:35:29

lemonade wrote:

Get 30 cups and pour lemonade into them and say "These cups can all hold 20cl of lemonade," and then let the children drink it.


Do u like maths?

2005-06-27 19:33:29

stewie wrote:

Roraborealis wrote:

What's very odd is that my grandad's name is Richard, and his last name is White. Whenever I see the R. White's lemonade I crack up!

well, i think wot u've just said explains a lot neutral

hi stweie we dont no u but me N my m8 wanna no how u got those smilies on.
p.s Im Jaz1 [ jasmin ]and my mates Polly

2005-06-25 19:03:57

HAHAHAHA!! The only funny thing that happened to us was when we were on a school trip (must have been about 6 years ago now) and we got a public bus, and when our teacher paid for us all there was a huge, huge long ticket.

2005-06-25 18:59:14

Once I remember the teacher brought her car along to school and we tried to fit the whole class in - there were about 25 of us, I think. And there were people in the boot too!

2005-06-25 18:56:40

LOL !!!! Just the thought made me laugh!

2005-06-25 09:05:44

What an idea, mathsyperson. You could get some large packing boxes and see how many kids you could fit in.

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