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rachel b1
2005-05-09 21:27:05

R u girl or boy who really does care about maths?

2005-04-25 23:48:12

psst administrator dude zach said that!

and jessamys problem is he/she has not realised how much maths can affect your life simple numbers can mean that you pay some body 50.00 instead of 5.00 ecause of a simple play about with NUMBERS! remember it and dont blagg our heads again please

2005-04-22 08:00:19

Well there you go, Jessamy DOES know some maths ...

2005-04-22 00:58:56

Of course, the 'half' is a mathmatical term. big_smile

2005-04-21 19:56:26

Who cares? We do!

So sorry, Jessamy. You are in a difficult position, aren't you? You need to do maths, and it is important if you want a career, but you don't like it.

You say "half the things you actually learn you will never need anyway". But which half? If you want to do Business, Medicine, Engineering, Political Science, Carpentry, Electrical Trade, or most any worthwhile career, you will need to do lots of maths.

I believe there is an underlying reason you hate maths, and it is not the fault of maths itself, but more to do with how you have learned it.

Somewhere along the way it became hard for you, and every year it is just gets harder.

You need to go back to where it was easy and build yourself back up again.

Maths isn't easy, but it is CERTAIN.

Luckily for you there are now great resources to help students on the internet.

2005-04-21 18:10:52

how can maths be fun? no matter how much anyone tries to make it fun, it wont be, there aint no point in tryin coz its just not possible! And even if you do manage to do it, its not like anyone is actually going to use it anyway! so what's the point!? anyway maths is just something that someone who hates children made up, to torture them and half the things you actually learn you will never need anyway!!!

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