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2005-05-17 02:51:26

Hi, I am doing my sats in June but I am so bad at maths! I have an estimated L4 in maths, L5 in English, L5 in science. Quite good but I really need to work on my maths! E-mail me!
  smile and smile produces big_smile

2005-05-11 08:49:43

Hi, jess. I would love to help you out, but there isn't much time is there? Maths needs lots of practice.

I find to learn something new, I need to read about it first, get confused, do some practice questions, THEN go back and read it again with more understanding, then more practice.

2005-05-11 02:14:07

ive got my gcse mox al dis week and ive alredi had da non calculator maths test and OMG i cud onli ansa 1 qs till den i 4rt i was gd at maths but no way am i redi for da calculator paper 2mz im so woried bout it plz help!! xx

2005-04-20 19:53:05

But it does matter - to you.

It may be someone else's fault, but it is your life. And you can do something about it.

2005-04-20 19:14:16

i got sats in 2weeks but i anit bovard if i do bad its not my fault its das teachers hahaha smile but ow well dont worry it dont mean owt

2005-04-20 19:05:41

i wunt worry bout it mush i cant do maths eva so dat makes 2 ov us LOL

2005-04-20 08:39:04

Hiya, shannon.

Easy, start asking us questions, or telling us what you find hard, and we can talk about it smile

2005-04-20 05:00:15

i cant get it and iv got my sats in a couple of weeks and i only got a leval 3 in maths and i hate it but i cant do maths or siense helpppppppppppppp

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