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2005-04-18 22:21:45

Yep. it's a horror film or Business. God. Business is rubbish.

2005-04-18 22:05:48

The Metaphorical mathamatics road is an evil, decietful and purely illusionary. There are things on it that make your face go white and your underwear fill up...

Or possibly, that's some horror film.

2005-04-18 07:57:00

That is true, Priya.

I also think that some people "fall off the maths road" at some point.

If they don't understand something one day, it becomes all confusing and they are lost from then on. If they went BACK and tried to build themselves up again, they might find it actually makes sense.

2005-04-18 07:17:36

Some people hate maths maybe because it is so hard for them but they have practise doing it again and again. For some people, it is easy for them maybe because they concerntrate on maths very well. So if you're not good at maths keep on trying.

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