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2005-04-19 01:05:40

What's twelfth standard?

2005-02-10 09:30:21

Hi Deepak.

Most of what you want is available on the internet at different locations, but if you could buy a book or two that would really help, because you can study the book, and then use the internet for further research.

This is only a suggestion, but I think you could narrow down your studies, instead of learning all of 12th standard, try to dicsover what specific areas you need to know more about, and focus on those.

2005-02-09 15:28:50

dear everybody,
i'm donig MCA (Master in Computer Applications). there are so many math concepts which are required in computer programming. but i did maths only in 10th standard. its been many years. also, there are many concepts which are in my current cirriculum too, like, computer based numerical methods, differential , integration etc. etc. i really want to be comfirtable in maths coz it will help me all life in my field. please suggest me how should i go about it.  thing is that, for my current curriculum, they assume i already know maths concepts of 12th standard. so, should i study maths of 12th standard now, or is there any website also which can make me learn math concepts like a book.
i'll really appreciate if i'm given help.

many thanks,

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