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Topic review (newest first)

2005-04-15 07:42:34

If my name were Henry, I'd reply in dignity. But, I'm Zach, so I'll make a witty comment.

We're watching the Forumites as they seem to be able to master simple tasks, but with some difficulty seem to understand the meaning  of 'Quick Post'. Though, this is understandable, we must watch these specimens more for furthur research. </Documentary>

You're not really stupid, it was just funny. big_smile

Mr T
2005-04-15 05:10:47

i know. we're too fast for the world.

static helper
2005-04-15 05:08:58

1 and a half HOURS ago!

p.s 60 seconds takes ages

static helper
2005-04-15 05:07:46

ur not breaking rules. henry said he would meet me here!

Mr T
2005-04-15 05:06:23

don't be so modest

2005-04-15 04:48:42

Erm.....I don't really think so.

Mr T
2005-04-15 04:47:48

so it is!!! ur a genius!!!

Mr T
2005-04-15 04:46:42


2005-04-15 04:38:46

A quick post is a way of posting quicker than just clicking on 'post reply'.

Mr T
2005-04-15 01:41:58

i am not henry but i am reading this. am i breaking any rules?

static helper
2005-04-15 01:41:34

what is a quick post

static helper
2005-04-15 01:38:44

hey every1 i am static helper.  i want henry to read this     i like this forum

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