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2005-02-22 22:38:58

of course.........
and another way to do this is just to multiply 15ft by 16 ft into are which comes out to be 240sq ft. then multiply that by the area of one meter sq.
1 ft = 0.305m
1sq ft = 0.305*0.305 = 0.093025
multiplying the original are by the are in meter sq , i get 240 * 0.093025 = 22.326m sq..

2005-02-09 09:33:13

Well, how about converting the lengths into metres first (1ft = 0.305m):

Using my trusty calculator:
15ft = 4.575m
16ft = 4.88m

So, the Area is 4.575m by 4.88m, multiplying these together gets: 22.3 m2 (metres squared)

2005-02-09 09:23:44

please can someone tell me how to turn 15ft by 16ft into metre squared

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