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2006-04-30 05:34:42

Okay, just curious smile I'm not able to help you though sad

2006-04-30 01:31:22

actually its a group work. me and Ross are actually working on a similar piece of work. Ross told me about this wonderful forum.

I would highly appreciate it if someone would help us.

2006-04-29 21:29:32

you wouldn't be any chance have the same books at school, or even attend the same school, as Ross in the other thread, would you? smile

2006-04-29 21:16:24

I dont know how to evaluate the following integrals.

∫ 1/48 x (x+4)  , the upper limit is 4 and the lower limit is -4

∫ 1/48 x^2 (x+4)  , the upper limit is 4 and the lower limit is -4

I wonder if someone can help me doing this.

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