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2005-04-07 09:51:06

I recall using integer division in the past. It had special methods that may suit you.

Now if I could only find what I did with it ....

... I did find this: , the author has some C code that might do it for you.

The central part of his code has:

  while (remainder < divisor) {
    bit = (dividend & 0x80000000) >> 31;
    remainder = (remainder << 1) | bit;
    d = dividend;
    dividend = dividend << 1;

(he says that always goes one step too far, so he just backs up once.)

Is that what you were looking for?

2005-04-07 09:30:18

You are given a number n and you have to find if its divisble by 3 but the catch is you cant use mod or division operations
i am looking for something using binary arithmetic

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