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2005-04-21 04:49:29

Total excavated earth: Pi*5.5m squared*7km=665500 cubic metres (Taking Pi as 22/7)
Length of road covered: 665500/(0.5m*11m)=121km.

Answer: 121km

2005-04-15 23:29:39

thanks for that quotation and more espcially for the help

2005-04-05 07:50:39

These are nice problems ... hmm

I think this one can be solved by just working out the volumes. Figure the volume of the cylinder, then divide it by (0.5 x 11).

2005-04-05 01:35:06

A cylindrical tunnel 5.5m in diameter is driven through  a mountain for a distance   of 7km. the ezcavated earth i s spread to a depth of  50cm on the surface of a  road 11m wide. Calculate the number of ilometers of the road that can  be covered with all of the excavated earth. (Take pi as 22/7)

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