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2006-03-26 09:48:23

MathsIsFun wrote:

Get a couple of bags of those really small eggs (they won't cost much). Then hide them all over the house the night before. In the morning: "Look! the Easter Bunny must have been!

And get some talcum powder or some white flour and use a stencil (like below) to make bunny pawprints around the garden/house. The kids will have fun following them to find the eggs.

(Just once you've finished, make sure you remember to dispose of the stencil before the kids find it. I know from experience that it completely wrecks it when you're happily following the Easter egg trail and two of your little friends come along and tell you they've found the 'bunny' in the bin. smile)

2006-03-26 07:57:41

Oh I am so happy to have people like you on my side I've been finding it hard but now I think I'll know what to do

Thanks Everyone I now know people are there to help me

2006-03-25 22:33:30

Get a couple of bags of those really small eggs (they won't cost much). Then hide them all over the house the night before. In the morning: "Look! the Easter Bunny must have been!" ... they will spend a happy half hour discovering all the eggs, and the rest of the day eating them. Add to that a few bigger eggs and they should have a great Easter!

2006-03-25 17:00:06

I wise man once said that the significant part of a wedding only takes a few minutes, and the rest only serves to distract from that. How many people have miserable lives leading up to and during their weddings, because of the stress of planning it? Why do we do this to ourselves?

Some traditions mean something, and others are an unreasonable burden.

Putting that aside, I really think your kids will understand. They will be sad for a while and then they will forget. And they will begin to learn that there are other people in the world besides themselves (a critical stage in everyone's development; some never get there).

Putting *that* aside, I think the terrible twos are a myth. Two year olds are adorable. It's the threes that you gotta watch out for.

2006-03-25 14:37:44

Yes, jU! As mikau suggested, cut down a little on the wedding expenses! If that is possible! I have faced such problems before, a few times, and believe me, I got out of it with the help of someone or the other, although usually I don't seek favors. Don't worry! You'd get over it too! God be with you! And wish you a ..........

2006-03-25 12:44:14

Perhaps you will need to make a few sacrifices with wedding stuff to save money for easter candy.

I know the feeling, my parents don't approve of candy too much and never got us much of it for easter, so now when easter comes around I play easterbunny for my younger siblings. Heck it comes once a year, go hog wild!

Congratulations btw!

2006-03-25 11:36:19

Hi I am a Mother of two that are twins and they are going through they're terrible two's stage the other prob is they are boy and girl so that makes them fight even more I'm getting married on the 17th of April so I have to think about that and then they want me to buy them lots of easter eggs and I don't have any money because it is all having to go on the wedding I'm going through a hard stage I want HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

as any one got any Ideas has any on else been through this stage if so Im really would love your help!!!

LOve yours Jenee - jU

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